The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule

Confucius is a well-known man in his time. He is very influential and wise. In fact he is the proponent of the so-called “The Golden Rule” that says, “What you do not wish others do to you, do not do unto them.”

I remember a simple story, maybe suited for kids but has something to say for us aged. Once there was a simple and good man who cuts trees and sells them for a living. He lives a good life only with his old, dilapidated axe which he got years ago. One day, as he was busy cutting trees near a river, an accident happened. He slipped his axe and was thrown into the river. He panicked and didn’t know what to do. How can I live now? I don’t have money to buy another one. As he was weeping, an angel came in front of him. He was in a state of a shock. Then the angel suddenly point out to the river and a silver shining axe rose into the river and the angel asked “is this your axe?” the man replied in whole honesty “No sir”, then the angel pointed again on the river and a majestic golden axe appeared into view, once again the angel asked him “is this your axe?” the man still said “No sir”. The angel has proven that the man is indeed honest so he gave the man’s old axe plus the silver axe and the golden axe.

I believe it is the same lesson. Good things come to those who do good and bad things come to those who do bad. The “Golden rule” is similar to Jesus teachings which he simplified as, “Love God above all things and Love your neighbor as yourself”.

I believe these teachings are forever be known because they are teachings for the nourishment of the soul. They are teachings of morality and of goodness.

This “Golden rule” will make us realize and value human weaknesses and makes us easily appreciate others especially human beings.


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