On Becoming a Follower of Christ

On Becoming a Follower of Christ

I grew up with my Christian faith. I inherited this faith from my parents. At first, the consent to become a Catholic didn’t come to me personally; my parents decided for me for no infant can utter words and say: “yes please baptize me.” As I grew up, the decision of my parents for me became who I am now: a living witness of Christ. I learned to accept and love this faith which my parents handed down to me.

To be a follower of Christ is not that easy. Jesus constantly reminds me to “take up my cross and follow Him”. Crosses are hard to bear most especially when we are not open to the will of God. Easy things become heavy when we don’t try or when we are unwilling to do so. The cross of Christ is the cross of our salvation. If we believe that we are saved by Him through His cross which is the symbol of his love for humankind, we most likely do his command to take up our own crosses in life.

Crosses can be of different forms and faces. They can be people or situations which are too heavy for us to bear and deal with. If one lives in a community, he can probably have a brothers who are not easy to be with, therefore, can be his crosses patiently dealing with them. Our faith doesn’t only focus on the cross. It didn’t end there! Our belief continues in the tomb of Christ or the Resurrection. Yes, we need to die for us to be able to have a new life. The experience of the cross is a bitter experience of passion and love which we need to patiently endure for the rest of our earthly life. The experience of resurrection on the other hand is our hope to carry on. We hope for the promised afterlife of Jesus for he once said: “I am the resurrection and life”.

-Fiel Pareja, MPM

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