THE ART OF LETTING GO: Five Practical Tips on How to Move- on After Break-up

THE ART OF LETTING GO:  Five Practical Tips on How to Move- on After  Break-up

Letting go is one of the painful post relationship statuses a lover can experience. It is painful for a fact that one gave all what he/she have: time, efforts, whole heart and attention but ending up being left behind or alone.

“Moving on” is the other term for letting go. However, moving-on is just the first stage of letting go. Here five simple and practical tips one can do when one decides to move-on.

[WARNING: Some of the tips can be mean on your part. However, as the feeling of your world being put up-side-down, they are but helpful for you to let go in life]

1. ACCEPTANCE: accept the fact that you are again single and ready to face life alone. It’s difficult for a person to go through life alone when prior to break-up, he/she is with a partner. Life can offer new and many possibilities. But it will only be possible if you make the first step, acceptance.

Bes, tanggapin mo ang realidad na at the end of the day, sarili mo lang din ang magpapasya at magpapasaya sa buhay mo.

In accepting things in life, one makes a firm decision that “I want to let go all negativities.” or “I want to stand where I fell down.”

2. DON’T LISTEN TO SAD SONGS!: one of the wrong things a broken-hearted person does during break-ups is indulging to sad songs like: Adele’s songs “Someone Like You”, “The Past” etc. (with matching cry cry on the window while raining). This will not really help you in moving on. It can only worsen the situation by refreshing the wounds of your heart breaks! Why not try to listen to positive songs like “Tuloy Pa rin” or Little Mix’s “Shout out to My Ex” (with matching dance para fnf). Or better to listen to relogious songs to acquire positive spiritual vibes and guidance.

Bes, tama na ang emote-emote na yan! Lalu lang lalala ang nararamdaman mo.

3. BLOCK/UNFOLLOW/UNFRIEND: We recommend NO STALKING POLICY! If you are really firm in your decision to move on and let go, then PUT AN END TO ANY FORM OF COMMUNICATION YOU HAVE WITH HIM/HER. Checking once in a while his/her facebook/twitter status or instagram post will not help. You will just feel insecure that you are not there with him/her on the event he/she posted.

Bes, wag ka magstalk ng ex, malulungkot ka lang na di ka kasama sa gimmik nya with his/her new friends. So please wag na stalk!

4. DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU PRODUCTIVE & HAPPY: Instead of crying on a corner and not eating the whole day, try spending your time and energy in doing what really makes you happy and productive. Like: photography, arts, reading books (wag yung sad), daily exercise, meeting new/old friends or expose your self to charitable works. With this, your time will not be wasted.

Bes, you can be the best version of yourself! You are destined to be happy and productive.

5. PRAYER: connecting or asking for the assistance of the Divine is the key to all of these. It is in praying that we feel that we are loved and cared by God. He is a God who will never abandon us. He is a faithful God.

Bes, si Lord andyan yan palagi, minsan nga nakakalimutan natin siya at inuuna yung mga bagay na di naman talaga mhalaga. Pray!

There can be many tips on how to move on and let go after a break-up. However, these five tips can help you to Let go in life.

Face the new chapter of your life with a smile. Be positive!

-Fiel Pareja, MPM

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