Living Laudato Si’: The Ecological Challenge of Pope Francis Book Launched!

Living Laudato Si’: The Ecological Challenge of Pope Francis Book Launched!

On September  26, 2017, Manny Bautista launched his first book entitled Living Laudato  Si’: The Ecological Challenge of Pope Francis. The said event was initiated by the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc. together with the Graduate School of the Mother of Good Counsel Seminary.

With the different nature devastation and calamities, one wonders if what will be the future of our Mother Earth. Pope Francis calls the earth as our “common home” a place where all created beings interact and propagate. In his book, Bautista encourages all his readers to reflect on what is happening around their environment in the light of our faith. Hence, his books offers a 40-day reflection on how we can take good care for our common home in a simple and practical waly. Living Laudato Si’ follows the structure of an excerpt from Pope Francis’ encyclical letter Laudato Si‘, then a reflection, an eco-action and ending it with a prayer.

Bautista invites us to respect our common home and see that we are not only related but also interrelated with each other. With our present ecological problems, we are called to end the massive destruction of our nature. Bautista’s book can be of great help in thinking what simple ways can we contribute in healing our common home.

About the author:

Manny Bautista completed his theological studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. He was the Vocations Executive Officer of the Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay, New South Wales, Australia and the Vocations Promoter of the Scalibrinian Congregation, Province  of St. Francis Xavier Cabrini in Australia.

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